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Urdu New Year Sms

Happy Sparkling New Year 2012

Before the sun sets in this year,
before the memories fade,
before the net works get jammed
Wish u and ur family
Happy Sparkling New Year 2012

Added by: Sharjeel     Urdu New Year Sms

A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I have played the friend
Have lived and loved and labored here
And made of it a happy year.

Added by: Sharjeel     Urdu New Year Sms


Wishing you a fabulous 2012 with full of great achievements and experiences.
A meaningful chapter waiting to be written HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Added by: Sharjeel     Urdu New Year Sms

urdu happy new year sms 2012

 Where to begin where to end when it comes to urdu happy new year sms 2012. The topic is so vast and fun to write about that surely it’s not fair to finish it up in an article but alas I got no choice…hehe… to say the least it is most colorful night of the year without doubt and to top it off the messages that are shared though out the world makes truly a remarkable day every year. Likewise urdu happy new year sms 2012 leaves no effort of making this day as good for everyone in our home country as anywhere else in the world.

Then comes the fact that the whole sensation of texting and especially in this urdu happy new year sms 2012 is filled with different types of messages. Poetry, funny jokes of faraz and sardars to pathans to whatever stupid ideas that come into mind being hilariously funny nonetheless to quotes to animations, you name it guys and yes you would find a message just like that…lol… where I personally find my own versions of texts most amusing and just take couple of minutes to think of one and go with it.
So then frankly telling I always end up texting friends first, girls in particular…lol…just joking, well the point is to leave no one behind so regardless of when you are sending one, what really matters is that you are sending it to each and everyone. 2012 urdu happy new year sms messages this way actually make a bridge between  people and connects them with and the circle goes so large that no one gets left behind and old grudges and whatever silly fights anyone had are just dumped away just with the sending of any such message.
Turns out with time changes do come and yes this change has indeed proved most easy and useful till date. Where emails and cards were sent and took days to reach with probability to fail as well, texts surely have made this all more fun more reliable and more reachable for anyone anywhere. urdu happy new year sms 2012 likewise have done great job in bringing people together on a night where not all are able to meet out to enjoy the eve and has given the same effect at home and sometimes even more depending upon how much one is willing to innovate and dazzle the crowd.

Added by: nabeel     Urdu New Year Sms

Happy New Year Messages of Wishes 2012

2012 with all its anticipation makes it all very exciting for all. What makes it even better is the eve of the year when not millions but billions of happy new year messages of wishes 2012 flow from one phone to another, one city to another, one country to another. Literally the whole network has no boundary as everyone even being together out celebrating the day, still send to their loved ones, pals and family just to make it sure that no one is left behind. The whole concept of 2012 happy new year messages of wishes is like cherry over a cake.
While there is frankly no restriction on the content of the topic, happy new year messages wishes 2012  can truly take any form. Poems, quotes, greetings, animations, you name it fellas and you will see it out there, the age of cards and emails is over, gone with the wind as the text sensation rule the entire world, especially in the hearts and I must say souls of the new generation while being also integrated with the adult population also engaged in the activity.
Turns out majority of the people are waiting to express a lot through this way and expectations are that 2012 happy new year messages of wishes will definitely be fruitful for many in many ways. Many are looking for a good chance to find a good date on the day and a text simply seals the deal. Many on the other hand are waiting for this day to ask for forgiveness and make up for lost time and so are eager to text such contacts of theirs. Some are just eager to shove off their fastness in everything and are like competing to be the first one to text and so the story goes on and on…lol…
Well I must add that those who hesitate in this momentous day of any year are stupid frankly. This is not a day to turn out as a miser or a lonely person but to express and be tended too. Whether this year or next, they all should be enjoyed in this way and so happy new year messages  wishes 2012 surely play a great part in integrating the society and making what should be a great start, a hopeful one for as they say, for a good house, one needs good foundation and truly spreading greetings around is not any less than a good deed.


Added by: nabeel     Urdu New Year Sms

Urdu New Year Wishes Sms 2012

Time sure passes fast, especially when you are stuck at something…lol… well that happens but when it comes to new year eve am sure everyone would be looking forward to urdu new year wishes sms 2012. I mean hey who would want to be the last one to send them would they, the competition is intense and everyone is out there with bright ideas to make this already colorful night even more joyous and to say the least fun to have every year. The possibilities to extend this euphoria are practically unlimited and so urdu 2012 new year wishes sms are fun to talk about.

Who to send and what to send in 2012 urdu new  year wishes sms and really I would slap all those who would ask such a ridiculous question…lol…well some of us might have of course been fresh out of the closet so for these dounces I would say that hey say whatever you want to say to whomever you want to say. Be innovative when it comes to writing in such texts and so whether it is poetry or quotes or your own made greetings to funny jokes of sardars and faraz to whatever you can make with symbols and emoticons. 
As to who can be the recipients in these urdu new year wishes 2012 sms and am sure you won’t be sending to a total stranger would you…lol…of course one is suppose to start with siblings to parents too to friends and relatives from near or afar there are no boundaries as to how many messages one can send and to whom they are sending. The age or level of interaction doesn’t matter as long as the person is in your contact list you of course know them at least by names so just check all names and fire away those messages if you want too.
 Lastly it doesn’t necessarily have to happen on that one night you know. urdu new year wishes sms 2012 can be sent the following day or the day after that depending on how much time one can find. There are always excuses for people like me to cover up their laziness…hehe…what am trying to say is, take your time but do send messages that surely bring a spark in your life as more and more people take notice of you and so the network keeps spreading and spreading.

Added by: nabeel     Urdu New Year Sms

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