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Maa Poetry

MERI MAA sari khushiyan


sari khushiyan,saray bandhan
saray aanso or sub gum
saray rishtay saray natay
piyar wafa or jazbay saray
meri MAA kay aik aanso say se bazi har gaye

Added by: nabeel     Maa Poetry

About MAA

About MAA:-

Dastan mere laad pyar ki Bas,
Ek Hasti k gird ghoomti hai,

Pyar JANNAT se is liye hay mujhey,
Ye meri MAA k qadam choomti hai.

Added by: Do0l     Maa Poetry

A love beyond compare

Mother is an undying love,
A love beyond compare,
the one you take your troubles to,
she is the one who really cares.

Added by: Do0l     Maa Poetry

Just close your eyes

When you feel you are alone in the crowd,
When you think No.1 can understand you,
When your love is rejected by others,
& when you hate your Life,
Just close your eyes, & see, her face who loves you
more than any 1 else,
who care for you in loneliness,
& dies when you cry.
She is no 1, but your sweet loving mother.
Love your mom first and always.

Added by: Do0l     Maa Poetry

I miss u mom

I luv u mom
having u makes me feel safe & calm
I miss u mom
Missing touches 2 my face with ur chapped palm
u r the greatest
because u r my mom

Added by: Do0l     Maa Poetry

Right means of Mother

M is for the million things she gave me,
O means only that shes growing old,
T is for the tears she shed to save me,
H is for her heart of purest gold,
E is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
R means right, and right she ll always be

Added by: Do0l     Maa Poetry

Mujhe Teri Zaroorat hai

Mera Dil Ro Raha Hai..!!
Meri Ankhoon Mein Nami Hai..!!
Mera Dil Dard Mein Dooba Hai..!!
Mujhe Teri Zaroorat hai..!!
Mein Bohot Tanha Hoon..!!!
Meri Ankhein Tujhe Dhondhti Hein..!!
Mein Umeed Se Haar Chuka Hoon..!!
Mujhe Sahara De Mein Toot Chuka Hoon..!!
Mujhe Sambhal Le Mein Bikhar Chuka Hoon..!!


Added by: Do0l     Maa Poetry

Gale tujhe kaise lagaun

Maa ki mumta kaun bhulaye,
Kaun bhula sakhta woh pyaar,
Kis tarah bataun kaise ji rahae hum,
Tu toh baitee pardesh mein,
Gale tujhe kaise lagaun,
Lekin bhej raha hae pyaar ish sms mein,
Tera betta meri pyari maa…

Added by: Do0l     Maa Poetry

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