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Dosti Poetry

Agar Meri Yaad Aaye To

Mere Marne Ke Baad Mere Doston, Yu Aansoo Na Bahana, Agar Meri Yaad Aaye To, Sidhe Upar Chale Aana!!

Added by: sunday     Dosti Poetry

2 lines dosti shayari in urdu 140 words

Dosti ke bina ye zindgi bekar he,

Par Dosti ke apne bhi usul he,
Khete he duriya kitni bhi ho dosti me,
Par Dost ho aap jaisa to sab kabul he. ..

Added by: nabeel     Dosti Poetry

New Urdu Dosti shayari sms

There comes a time in your life that you may be wondering what is right dosti shayari in Urdu language, Urdu Search dosti shayari average speeds that they are looking for friendship poems and poetry: Relationships between people, family, friends and fans are always so complicated that while there are very confused as to the fundamental sense that we do not know what friendship is all about.

The best way to explore this phenomenon is through Urdu dosti shayari. At first I was skeptical and did not see the connection may be two, but as you dig deep and read hundreds of those you cannot come to a conclusion urdu shayari dosti Although this is a topic of wide interest to the true meaning of friendship is a very simple one, which is close to us. There are also many words about a sad love quotes, it is true that the proposals are sad, because we only apply them when we are unhappy, and we want to find a meaningful reading of these words: In many cases, the friendly people who are satisfied with the do not even think about what is happening in their lives, only to begin the program when they have a to nurture and take a long time.

So, why not share a nice gift for your friend  this day shayari dosti day and send your friends and dost phones. You can choose from a wide variety of gifts of friendship existing markets. You can buy the flower of friendship, you can even organize a party and celebrate your bond with dosti day cake.

Added by: nabeel     Dosti Poetry

Dost ho to dosti ki Sms

Dost ho to dosti ki laj rakhna

Door rah kar b hme yaad rakhna

Added by: nabeel     Dosti Poetry

Best Dosti Quotes in urdu

Dosti mein dil ka tamasha dekha nahi jata, 

humse tuta hua sisa dekha nahi jata

Added by: nabeel     Dosti Poetry

Latest Dosti Quotes in urdu

Many calls for friendship quotes as dosti quotes, especially Pakistan and India. Many searches for dosti quotes on Internet, which means they are looking for friendship quotes and friendship poetry is always a pleasure to share a beautiful and loving Urdu dosti quotes to your friends with no easy way to do it more than easy to transfer to Urdu dosti.

In today world, SMS-technology, you can find a wide collection of messages, which you can send to your friends, family and colleagues. You must find at least one dosti quotation, which will suit your every goal difference ahead of them, with no records contain senders, and the authors, who have lost if not for quotable quotes and quotes biblical passages. You just see the person who sent it to you in friendship quotes serve to tell your friends how you feel about them. They also give inspiration to the relationship with them.
This collection urdu dosti quotes talks of the importance of friendship and the importance of friendship through abstract images useful. Dosti quotes sometimes are sober, and some have a little fun. People tend to remember the fun applications more easily and are ready to share with their friends, friendship, fun to use a very effective way to pass messages to the message. Collection dosti applications should be an interesting literature on how people view and value of friendship, they hold it. ?
The dosti SMS are useful, especially when sent to friends in times of difficulty, distress, or grief, they raise their mood that day more bearable knowing that they have the support of your spine and some costs may be included in the SMS-smiley, which add emotions and convey our message to the message, making it a good living. The emoticons can also be used to flirt with his friends, and you may be surprised feeling they can cause.
Some are ideal for your work with other dosti friends to inspire them in their daily work. They give the impression that your support and best of luck in what they are going to achieve. They are the perfect gift for your friends when they are facing a difficult challenge or career.

Added by: nabeel     Dosti Poetry

dosti ke baare mein

Arzz sirf itna hai dosti ke baarey mein,

Aadmi galat samjha aadmi ke baarey mein

Added by: nabeel     Dosti Poetry

Hamari Dosti Nahi Dekhi

Khuda Ki Banai Qudrat Nahi Dekhi

Dilon Main Chupi Dolat Nahi Dekhi
Jo Kehta Hai Doori Se Mit Jati Hai Dosti
Us Ney Shayud Hamari Dosti Nahi Daikhi

Added by: nabeel     Dosti Poetry

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