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Marriage Sms

Aajao Samane Dulhan

Aajao samne dulhan ban kar

Kasam hai Jan de dun ga
Muh dekhai mein

Added by: nabeel

On My Bed

 He: Do i know you?

She: No
He: Then why are you here on my bed?
She: We just had an arranged marriage. :P

Added by: nabeel

You WIll Live Longer

Marry your best friend

You both will be happier,

chances of divorce are

statistically low and you will

live longer

Added by: nabeel

Desi People Marriage

English people propose and marry.

We desi people do Mayo, Mehndi, Rukhasti

Shadi na ho gye test series ho gaye :P

Added by: nabeel

Jurrassic Park

Married life is so easy,

It is just like a walk in the park.

But the problem is that the park is


Jurassic Park ;)

Lo Karlo Walk.

Added by: nabeel

Many Marriages Go Better

Many marriages would be better

if the husband and the wife clearly

understood that they are on the same side

Added by: nabeel

Glorious Thinking By A Young Girl

Glorious Thinking By A Young Girl:

I Will Marry a Love Failure Boy
He Only Knows The Value of Love
He Only Can Give Me Real Love

Added by: Bilal Khan

Hum Ne To Ek Hi Shaks

Hum ne To Ek Hi Shaks Par Muhabbat Khatam Kardi

Ab Muhabbat Kis Ko Kehte Hai Kuch Maloom Nahi…

Added by: Bilal Khan

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