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Love Sms

Reply Quickly

Never lose a person, 
Who puts his ego aside, 
And replies your quickly

Added by: nabeel

Who is Beautiful

Do not Choose The One Who Is Beautiful 

To The World
Choose The One Who Makes Your World Beautiful !!

Added by: nabeel

One Person in Life

There is at least one person

Who absolutely needs you in this world
Remember that

Added by: nabeel

Love Story

I do not want a perfect love story

I just want a real one

Added by: nabeel

Meet Someone

I want to meet someone

who makes me feel the way music does.

Added by: nabeel

Love is Like

Love is much like a wild rose

Beautiful and calm but willing
to draw blood in its defense

Added by: nabeel

Physician Once Said

A physician once said:

The best medicine for
Humans is love
Someone asked:
What if it does not work?
He smiled and said increase the dose.

Added by: nabeel

Love With Rose

Everyone can love with rose

But no one love with leaves
That adds the beauty of its
But love the one who make
your Life beautiful

Added by: nabeel

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