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Life Sms

Keep Smiling

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful 

thing and there is so much to smile about

Added by: nabeel

Life is Tough

I have learned that

Life is tough
But i am tougher

Added by: nabeel

Use What You Can

Start where you are

Use what you  have
Do what you can

Added by: nabeel

No Matter How

No matter how much it hurts now,

Someday you will look back and
realize your struggles changed your
life for the better

Added by: nabeel

Best Lesson of Life

A hungry stomach

An empty pocket
A broken heart
Teach the best lessons of life

Added by: nabeel

Time for Affection

Everyone in your life does

not deserve your time
Your attention,
or your affection.
Know who does and who does not

Added by: nabeel

Lesson of Life

One of the great lessons

The fall of the leaf teaches is this:

Do your work well and then be

Ready to depart when God shall call.

Added by: nabeel

Remember Money is Not

Always remember money is not everything in life

But make sure you earn sufficient before

You think of such nonsense.

Added by: nabeel

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