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English Quotes

People Constantly Suffering

People who are constantly suffering

From emotional wounds tend to easily

Get annoyed with others for no apparent reason

Added by: nabeel

daily thoughts

A real definition of life lies in our daily

 thoughts and the steps we take to or away

 from what is distinctive and noble

Added by: Aliza

Reality wins

Reality wins  and I d rather see the

 truth than stay in love with a fantasy

Added by: Aliza


Think of your life not as a disappearing

 horizon but as an approaching hope

Added by: Aliza


Mom always told me a woman didn’t

 need a prince to rescue her

 She needed a friend to help her rescue herself

Added by: Aliza


For axioms in philosophy are not 

axioms until they are proved upon our pulses

Added by: Aliza

I will not fail

My heart is strong

I will not fail
I won't be wronged

I will prevail

Added by: Aliza

real life

The great thing about real life is that

            it belongs to you

 You can make it up as you go along

Added by: Aliza

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